The Writing Life with Twin Toddlers

Life is good. . . but INCREDIBLY busy!

The boys outside Daddy's office door.

I’ve been crazy busy with taking care of my unbelievably cool, but challenging, twin two-year-olds, managing the household, getting “Never Smile at Strangers” to market, writing the sequel to it (“Ugly Young Thing”), studying holistic health & nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (which I enrolled in this year before knowing that my novel would take off), working out regularly and making sure that my family gets lots of love and eats a diet rich in nutrient-dense whole foods (which means that I prepare 95% of our meals here at home).

I’m also pretty busy marketing the novel so that I actually have sales.

Christopher's big passions right now are electronics and dancing. (Uploading video of his latest moves ASAP!) Here he is playing educational games on my IIN iPad.

Yeah, marketing. I think this part of my new career would actually be fun if I had more time to slow down. . . and actually do the creative things I’d love to do, but don’t yet have the time for.

But I’ll get there.

Ryan's big passion is trains. He adores his little rubber Thomas and Percy and can't get enough of Thomas and Friends. Choo choo!

Things are crazy right now, but—as funny as it sounds—THIS is my road to simplicity. After this year, things will become much more manageable—and I will no longer be trying to cram 10 hours of work into 3 or 4 hours each day.

The boys will still be doing great. . . they may even be talking by then. (They’re in NO hurry now. They’re still communicating mostly via sign language and charades.)

I’ll be a graduate of IIN and have great credentials.

“Ugly Young Thing” will be on the market & will hopefully experience the type of success “Never Smile at Strangers” is now enjoying. (It’s a two-time Kindle bestseller! Whoo hoo!)

And I will no longer forget to pay a bill here and there. . . which I never did until the last couple of years. I was a stickler for paying everything on time, if not early.

But even with such a crazy, jam-packed schedule, life is better than ever.

These twin boys are the best things, by far, to ever happen to me. Also, the decision to go it on my own and indie publish “Never Smile at Strangers” has been such a rewarding experience. I found my market in just a few months’ time and my readers have responded SO favorably.

I’ve been incredibly blessed.

Christopher is in charge of packing the diaper bag most days. Look how sweet. . . he's putting a 5-Hour Energy in there for Mommy!

I’ll be posting here a lot more going forward. Lots of new kid-friendly whole foods recipes, lots of nutrition news and advice. Lots about my crazy little guys.

Thanks to everyone who has written me saying they miss this blog! I’ve missed you, too!

Until then, I hope things are going as well at your households. That your children are also healthy and happy.

And that you, too, are enjoying your work. :)

In health & happiness,



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4 Responses to The Writing Life with Twin Toddlers

  1. Kristin Marie


    Honestly, you completely inspire me! I am so motivated by this post to go put my best foot forward and do exactly what I want to do with my life! I’m also excited that there will be a sequel lol! These are certainly exciting times!

  2. Jillian Mckee


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?


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